About Us

Creaturez are the brain child of father-son duo @sphincterbob (art) and @TheGoldenEel (stuff that's not art) and their trusty dev @djdabs. Creaturez are hand-drawn with an old-school cartoonist style.
We hope you enjoy our weird world. If you have questions or suggestions, join our Discord!

Founding Team:

  • ​@thegoldeneel is the project lead. He handles all of the bid'ness (marketing, partnerships, etc.) He is the son of sphincterbob. I hear he's quite handsome.
  • ​@sphincterbob is the artist and the reason Creaturez exist! He's been drawing for many (many) years.. since he was old enough to hold a pencil.
  • ​@djdabs is the technical lead. He develops all of the code and makes sure things don't break. Without him we would probably be selling our art on the side of a highway.
Community Leadz:
  • ​@.Lee has been with us from the very beginning. He's now the Discord Community Manager and runs the Creaturez Instagram. He is also a really big Kylie Minogue fan.
  • ​@SolSamaritan is our SOL alpha guru and whitelist getter. He enjoys hiking, smoking doobies, and doing various Slovakian things.
  • ​@WangAndBallzMan heads up our partnerships and tells us which projects to invest in. He's also a mod for Astrals and reportedly has pretty massive ballz.
Blockchain Geniuses
  • ​@triptychlabs handle the smart contract development for Ballztopia.