Since the dawn of time, Ballztopia has been the home of the Eyeballz. The Eyeballz tended to the land in the Woodlands, foraged for wallaberries in the Sky Mountains, and lived peaceful and prosperous lives in Eyeville. Peaceful at least, before the invasion.

The Slimeballz have crash-landed in Ballztopia, spreading their repulsion throughout and halted only by Oculus and his power crystalz.

Since the invention of the Pixelator, battles are now fought in the Pixelballz Arena (although the Slimeballz are extremely evil, they're after the Eyeballz sight. Wouldn't want to poke an eye out in hand-to-hand combat, would we?)

Ballztopia is a vast land. Different areas open up depending on which Creaturez NFTs you own. We'll be making constant updates to each area as we invest in new gameplay experiences.

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