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May roadmap

  • Cribz private Alpha launch for Whale holders
  • Cribz public demo launch
  • Cribz public Beta launch
  • Visit $BALLZ store to mint Cribz items and roomz from merchant
  • Visit Marketplace for P2P exchange of Cribz items and roomz NFTs
Pixelballz Questing
  • Launch first set of Questz
  • Launch second set of Questz

Summer roadmap

Pixelballz Arena
  • Battlez V1
Questz expansion
  • Balancing
  • New Questz
Cribz expansion
  • Monthly content releases
  • Partner with other projects for themed rooms and items

Future Ideas

  • Cribz land plots, decorate the outside of your cribz and explore other cribz
  • Mint your Cribz layout as an NFT
  • Cribz gameplay (e.g., mini-games in each room)
  • 3D metaverse integrations