Arena Battlez

Battle for Glory!


Enter your Pixelballz into the Arena to battle for glory and riches. To participate in the Arena, you must fulfill level conditions and wager $BALLZ against other participants. Once the Arena is locked, Pixelballz will battle, with randomized outcomes, based on their stats and items. Winners will take home $BALLZ and rare Cribz items.

The general gameplay flow is this:

  1. Pixelballz are eligible for Arena Battlez based on Pixelballz XP level and Cribz score. There will be multiple Battlez that can be entered. The higher the Battle level, the bigger the prizes!

  2. Users lock Pixelballz into a Battle contract before the start time. Arena Battlez are against other users. Battlez will happen on a weekly basis. Battlez will cost $BALLZ and require Pixelballz. Pixelballz cannot be withdrawn, once locked, until after the Battle has been completed.

  3. Battlez outcomes will be randomized according to a number of factors, such as Pixelballz Attributes and Arena items.

  4. After the Battle, Pixelballz will become unlocked. Winners will be rewarded in $BALLZ and rare Cribz items and NFTs.

The Arena is still being defined and will be developed after the initial launch of Ballztopia (Cribz, Questz, and Marketplace) and Pixelballz.

Arena Battlez and $BALLZ

$BALLZ spend on the Arena will be utilized as follows:

  • 15% to Arena pot

  • 15% to Cribz pot

  • 20% to DAO treasury

  • 50% burned

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