$BALLZ has a max total supply of 50,000,000. That supply is broken down into the following:

  • Staking rewards: 60%

  • CreaturezDAO: 20%

  • Partnerships & giveaways: 10%

  • Founding team: 10%

Inflationary and deflationary mechanisms

The $BALLZ floating supply increases by a maximum of 71,930 per week, through staking. However, that number requires 100% of Creaturez NFTs to be staked. The real number is around 10-20,000 per week.

$BALLZ is inflationary by nature, but Ballztopia is designed to provide deflationary pressures.

  • 50% of $BALLZ used in merchant store purchases are burnt

  • 50% of $BALLZ spent on Questz are burnt

  • 50% of $BALLZ spent in the Arena are burnt

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