Gameplay and Design

Design Philosophy

The core design philosophy for Ballztopia is that it's a game you can play at your own pace. The NFT space is a demanding one and we've all got a slew of NFTs to stake, prices to watch, and P2E interactions that can feel like chores. We don't want you to feel like you have to check the box and login just to keep up -- we want to build mechanics so fun and an experience so immersive that you'll want to log in each day.

We've designed the Ballztopia experience to a) accommodate different playstyles and b) be scalable with the amount of time you put in, $BALLZ you spend, and NFTs you hold. Let's take a look at two examples, on opposite sides of the spectrum.

  • Player A, "Whaleballz," has six Pixelballz and an army of Eyeballz, Superballz, and Slimeballz staking for $BALLZ. This is one of her largest investments. She logs in multiple times a day to optimize her Ballztopia experience. She's near the top of the leaderboards and collects rare Cribz items. She enjoys decorating her Cribz and reading Creaturez comics.

  • Player B, "Guppyballz," has one Pixelballz for Questing and one Superballz staking for $BALLZ. He is in a dozen P2E project and doesn't have much time to manage them all. He logs in once every week or two to claim $BALLZ and send his Pixelballz on Questz. He's saving up for Arena but not concerned with the Cribz leaderboards.

Both playstyles are legitimate and we want to accommodate great experience for Whaleballz, Guppyballz, and everyone in-between.


There are three core gameplay loops in Ballztopia: Cribz, Questz, and Arena. Each is dependent on the others to function, and they're all designed to utilize and burn $BALLZ.

Each gameplay section will break down specific mechanics, but for a quick TLDR:

  • $BALLZ are earning through Mining. You can stake your Eyeballz, Superballz, Slimeballz, and Honoraries/Iconics NFTs at Pixelballz cannot Mine.

  • You can spend $BALLZ on items for your Cribz. Cribz are places to collect and display your Creaturez art. You can compete against others with Cribz Score and leaderboard mechanics. Cribz Score is also used to unlock higher level Questz.

  • Questz require Pixelballz and $BALLZ. Sending your Pixelballz on a Quest will earn them experience points (XP) and items of randomized rarity, depending on the Quest level.

  • The Arena is where Pixelballz battle for $BALLZ and rare items. In the Arena, you stake your Pixelballz against others for randomized outcomes and rewards, depending on a variety of factors such as XP level, stats, and item boosts.

  • NFTs and in-game items can be bought and sold in the Ballztopia Marketplace, using $BALLZ.

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