The Clever

About Pixelballz

Pixelballz will be the fourth collection developed by the Creaturez team. Pixelballz will be minted on May 12th, 2022.

Unlike the previous collections, Pixelballz cannot mine $BALLZ. Instead, they are the only NFTs that can be used in the Ballztopia P2E game.

Since the invention of the Pixelator, Pixelballz have been the primary form of warfare between Slimeballz and Eyeballz / Superballz. Pixelballz can be sent on Questz or used in the Arena for glory and rewards.

Market: https://magiceden.io/creators/creaturez

Set details

  • Set size: 4444

  • Mint price: 0.8 SOL

  • $BALLZ yield: N/A

  • Other utility: Used for Ballztopia Questz and Arena

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