Pimp out your Crib!


Cribz are your homes in Ballztopia. Depending on which NFTs you hold, you'll be able to unlock different Cribz and decorate them by spending $BALLZ to boost your Cribz score.

Cribz will launch with a number of ball-tastic features, such as:

  • Photo mode: take pictures of your Cribz.

  • NFT gallery: place your NFTs in picture frames around the Cribz.

  • Leaderboard: see who has the highest Cribz score.

  • Weekly contests: decorate your Cribz and submit them to weekly contests for $BALLZ and NFT prizes.

Cribz score

The Cribz score will be calculated by the total number of Cribz items in your wallet, not counting duplicates. Each item will have a score, tied to its rarity. Items will have the following rarity thresholds:

  • Common - 1 point

  • Rare - 4 points

  • Epic - 12 points

  • Legendary - 26 points

  • Ballz-tastic - ???

A higher Cribz score will allow you access to rarer Cribz items and higher tier Questz and Arena battles.

Cribz pot

A percentage of marketplace, quest, and arena transactions will go to the Cribz pot. The Cribz pot will go to the best Cribz, as voted by the community. Each Cribz pot will have different rules and challenges.

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