About $BALLZ

$BALLZ is the Creaturez utility token, used in Ballztopia. $BALLZ are to be used purely for gaming purposes and should not be considered as financial assets or investments.

Creaturez does not provide $BALLZ liquidity. 1 $BALLZ = 1 $BALLZ.

Earning $BALLZ

$BALLZ are earned through NFT staking. Eyeballz, Superballz, Slimeballz, and Honoraries/Iconics can be staked for $BALLZ.

$BALLZ yield:

  • Honoraries/Iconics: 20/week

  • Superballz: 12/week

  • Eyeballz: 10/week

  • Slimeballz: 10/week

  • Pixelballz: "Peddle for Change" Quest

We're working with our staking partner, CyberFrogs, to implement two additional staking features: a rarity curve (so that rarer Creaturez NFTs earn more $BALLZ than the baseline) and set bonuses (boosts for holding one of each set).

$BALLZ Utility

Spending $BALLZ:

$BALLZ can spent in Ballztopia - at the Merchant, at the Marketplace, on Questz, or in the Arena. For full details of the game mechanics, refer to the Ballztopia section.

Buying/selling $BALLZ:

$BALLZ can be bought or sold on Famous Fox Federation or Dexlab (peer-to-peer):

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