$BALLZ Merchant and Marketplace

Ballztopia Merchant (Item Vendor)

The Merchant sells Cribz and Arena items. The Merchant may also sell unique NFTs, both from Creaturez and other collections. The Merchant may even sell whitelist spots from our partners.

All Merchant items will cost $BALLZ. $BALLZ from merchant transactions will be utilized as follows:

  • 15% to Arena pot

  • 15% to Cribz pot

  • 20% to DAO treasury

  • 50% burned

The Merchant will be restocked with new items on a regular basis.

Ballztopia Marketplace (P2P)

Items can be sold in our peer-to-peer Marketplace, for $BALLZ. In-game items and Creaturez NFTs can be listed for a price, in $BALLZ, and purchased by other collectors.

There will be a 7% trading fee on Marketplace transactions:

  • 5% will go to the DAO treasury

  • 2% will go to the Founding team

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